How to Upload DVD Movie Clips to Vimeo for Sharing?

Outline: Want to show your DVD collections on Vimeo but can’t upload DVD movie clips to Vimeo? This guide will instruct you the way. 

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To a person who loves sharing movie clips to a site for attracting eyes from others, Vimeo is the right place. Vimeo takes the top spot among video sharing sites in the light of popularity. There, people freely upload homemade videos and their loved playlet to Vimeo for sharing. But to DVD addicts, if they want to upload DVD movie clips to Vimeo to show people about their wonderful collections, they will pull a long face snoot since all of the video sharing sites including Vimeo doesn’t support DVD video format. Actually, Vimeo officially only supports such video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc. Now that DVD is not in the list. So what can we do to upload DVD to Vimeo for sharing?

The only thing to upload DVD movie clips to Vimeo is to rip DVD to Vimeo friendly format with the help of a DVD to Vimeo converter program. Pavtube DVDAid is exactly the right DVD to Vimeo software. This programme can rip and backup DVD to Vimeo supported MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV formats with original video quality quickly. It is able to convert DVD to H.264 with 6X faster conversion speed. According to the video size and length limit of Vimeo site, its built-in editor also allows you to extract DVD clips with the very part you want. Or you can choose to adjust the bitrate, codec and frame bit of the video to compress DVD video. If you want know more about this DVD to Vimeo converter, you can read this review.

In addition, with Pavtube DVDAid, you also could rip DVD to M3U8 for iTunes, and convert DVD to H.265 MP4 for Youtube and Facebook.

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How to rip DVD to Vimeo suitable video formats?

Step 1. Load DVD movie

Insert your DVD disc into your computer DVD drive, then launch the program, from "File" menu drop-down list, select "Load from disc" to import source DVD disc movies to the program.

Step 2. Choose Vimeo playable format

Click on the format bar to follow “HD Video” > “AVI HD Video (*.avi)” which is Vimeo supports as output format. 

Step 3. Adjust the video size

To compress the video size to adapt to Vimeo limits, you can cut down the size or bitrate of the video in “Profile Settings”.

Another way, you can use the built-in video editor to trim the video footage.

Step 4. Backup DVD to Vimeo

Hit the red button “Convert” to start converting DVD to Vimeo playable video process. After conversion, you can find your ripped video in output folder.

In this way, you can easily upload DVD to Vimeo to share with your friends or just show the strangers about your loved DVD videos. 

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